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Dear users

Due to the collapse of the cryptocurrency market over the past 2 years
and the subsequent drop in the value of the token,

our team decided to terminate the work of Terra.

Until August 30, 2019, we offer token buybacks to all our investors at a price of $ 0.03 per token. More info

$8 856.47 0,22
$630.58 +2,54
$0.03  +3,19
A unique company, a unique cryptocurrency platform to get high profit!
Make profitable investments and earn up to 500% per annum
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In the 8 years of existence of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it’s price inflated approximately by 2 620 000 000%
The cryptocurrency market is constantly growing and developing, and we will teach you how to make money off it. There are examples of the growth of cryptocurrencies over past 2 years, and they are only some examples, but there are hundreds of them in the World!!!
NEM 1 461 500 %
NEO 124 700 %
Ripple 85 100 %
Stellar 85 100 %
Ardor 85 100 %
Dash 85 100 %
Cardano 6 150 %
How do we differ from others?

Opportunity to earn without depositing, including high passive income without investments

Advanced trend, impressing opportunities, transparency and reliability

High profitability of investments

Reliability and transparency of blockchain technologies, which provides the basis of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is the future of the World economy Registration

Investing into cyptocurrencies you will have an opportunity to become a millionaire and this is real. Over the past years, thousands of millionaires emerged in the world, as well as dozens of billionaires, making their capitals on investments into cryptomarket.

Income calculator

Amount of investments, $

100 250 000 500 000

Period of investment, weeks

Reinvestment percent, %

Size of investment income

Income from token value growth

Total income

With reinvestment

Size of investment income

Income from token value growth

Total income

BitFundTerra - is the first international fund, which opens for you new potentials for making money. There are no analogues in the world by the number of unique services and provisions for clients and partners.

Entrust work in the market to professionals. We know how to earn through cryptocurrency trading, and we do it for the benefit of our clients.

Long-term investments into cryptocurrency

Realizing long-term investments, we guarantee high income for the participants of our fund. Intensive growth of cryptomarket makes long term investments to be one of the most beneficial deposits.

ICO Funding

You have a unique opportunity with BitFund Terra to attract funding to embody your business idea. Offer your White Paper - and become our partner. Best cooperation conditions for clients and partners of the Fund.


Exchange cryptocurrencies using TerraExchange fast and profitable.

There are thousands stock exchanges and exchange offices for cryptocurrencies in the world, but buying a cryptocurrency is often an uneasy task, especially, to make it cost- efficiently. We will solve this problem.

The unique platform BitFundTerra allows you earning income from 24% monthly to your investments!

Today there are no companies in the World, which provide you high income and such a great choice of earning methods.

Opportunities for making money with the fund:

  • get up to 3% every week guaranteed weekly return on your investment
  • the cost of your deposit will increase by 500% just for 1 year
  • annual bonus from long-term investments of the company

and that’s not all yet..

No funds for investing but you want to earn more?

Partnership program of BitFundTerra provides an opportunity to build own business. For all active and ambitious people, ready to become an equal partner of BitFundTerra, the company provides better conditions! Every day you talk to your colleagues, friends and relatives, and altogether you can get success!

Stock markets
BFT Application for your Business
Mobile BFT applications – are:
  • Convenient opportunity to invest through the Internet
  • A simple and clear presentation of the BFT business proposal
  • Possibility to track the state of the business in your mobile telephone
  • Reviews and impressions of people who have already assessed business opportunities

With BFT applications, your business will become more mobile.
You don’t need to look for a computer access to the Internet – application for business is at hand in your smartphone.

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